Cuba Street Portraits

Last November I traveled to Cuba with Walker Evans as inspiration. I took several cameras and used them each in different ways. Though I could get no cell phone service in Havana, I used my iPhone solely as a camera. Before my trip I was a supporter of a Kickstarter campaign for the COVR Photo Lens Case and was lucky enough to get one of the first ones before I left for Cuba. It is a custom made iPhone case with a retractable right-angle prism that covers the camera lens. It provides a certain element of anonymity when taking photographs because people are so used to seeing people holding their phones. I used it quite a bit in tight spaces and on the streets of Havana. Most of the time people did not notice me or instead wondered what I was taking pictures of down the street. I didn't use it for every camera phone image but I did find it very useful for capturing people unaware. 

Prints are available.